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After seeing your suggestions and, more specifically, after pleas from established activists and campaigns in Canada and Puerto Rico, Free The Wild have updated our project roster to include not only Bua Noi and Billy the elephant, but two other elephants as well; Lucy in Edmonton Valley Zoo, Canada and Mundi in Mayagüez Zoo, Puerto Rico.

We'll continue to add information about these project to the FTW website, as and when it becomes available - www.freethewild.org - and in the meantime, our work with Bua Noi continues.

Thank you for your suggestions. We aim to do everything in our power to help these animals find the peace they deserve

Please support us and help stop the suffering of wild animals in captivity: www.freethewild.org/donate

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Lucy's Edmonton Advocates' Project (LEAP) mandate is increasing the activity and involvement of Lucy's supporters who live in the greater Edmonton area and her supporters around the world!

She has been at the Edmonton Valley Zoo for 44 years and turns 46 this year.  This is an ominous milestone as zoo elephants rarely survive to their mid forties. Lucy suffers from a number of zoo induced ailments which will shorten her life expectancy. She has no other elephant companions, which is considered cruel by elephant experts due to their highly complex social needs. The harsh Edmonton climate is detrimental to her health and painful for her ongoing arthritis and foot disease. Lucy lives in a tiny concrete cell and is only allowed outdoors for short controlled walks, weather permitting which means many days she never gets out at all.

Lucy’s Edmonton Advocate’s Project (LEAP) are embarking on a campaign to educate the citizens of Edmonton as to why this elephant must be moved to a more suitable climate in the company of other Asian elephants. Our main message is that Lucy needs to be assessed by an independent team of experts to ensure her current health problems are optimized and to determine if she can be safely moved to a more suitable facility.

You can email us at: info@leapforlucy.com


On Sunday August 15th a documentary crew will be there to capture our protest during World Elephant Day!

The main story of this film will be on Lucy and the controversy that continues to surround her especially now that superstar Cher and her foundation “Free the Wild” have focused their sights on her. The film will also focus on other elephants in zoos.

With the introduction of the Jane Goodall Act which calls for the end of elephants and Great Apes in captivity in Canada, do zoos serve any purpose when more of the public is questioning the principles of keeping animals in captivity. This is the focus of this documentary which is filmed for the CBC National Network. We hope you will join in our protest!

We are very excited about this and will provide more information as details become available!

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RALLY FOR LUCY on August 15, 2021 Photos and Videos

Please Click on the above graphic to see videos and photos from the rally!

May 19, 2021 Marks Lucy's 44th Year in Captivity

Video courtesy Amy Bedard

Darrick Thompson of ENP Speaks about Kaavan & Lucy & transporting elephants to sanctuary - January 3, 2021

Video courtesy of Darrick Thompson


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Cher Co-founder of Free the Wild

Has Offered to Help Lucy

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LEAP Video

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