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On Jan 9th, 2021 LEAP advocates joined up with fellow advocates around the world to hold a candle light vigil for the 42 elephants that died in captivity in 2020. We had videos and photos sent in from around the world of their own private vigils. Unfortunately, due to Covid, there were fewer group vigils held this year than in the past.

Individual Vigil Photos Video

January 2 - LEAP supporter Maria Daines reached out to us to write a song for Lucy. We asked that this be dedicated to our incredibly hardworking President, Mary-Ann Holms. Please

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January 3 - LEAP recently reached out to fellow Canadian, Darrick Thomson from the Save Elephant Foundation and Elephant Nature Park to ask if he would record a video for us. Darrick has been involved in countless elephant rescues and has many years of firsthand experience with helping ailing, aging elephants to heal and recover at sanctuary. In this video Darrick discusses Lucy as well as some of their former rescues, including their most recent rescue, Kavaan, the formerly lone zoo elephant from Pakistan. Darrick is currently working at their project, the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary where he and his team are building Kaavan's new large outdoor enclosure and pool. We are so grateful that he took the time to do this for us. An elephant sized thank you to Darrick Thomson, Save Elephant Foundation, Gentle Giants Stay Home Project, and the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary.


January 20 - From FREE THE WILD: While we continue our urgent work with the elephants in Karachi, we've initiated talks with Edmonton City Council and The Worshipful Mayor of Edmonton, Don Iveson in Lucy's interest.

Cher has reached out through a personal letter to the Mayor, requesting that he, Edmonton Council and the Edmonton Zoo allow Free The Wild veterinary access to Lucy as part of her annual medical check-up. From there, we'd also endeavour to provide any follow up treatments and potentially find Lucy a new home.

We hope that we can help Lucy and Lucy's Edmonton Advocates' Project (LEAP) to find an appropriate solution. Lucy's longterm health and happiness is on the horizon.

January 27 - Viewing Lucy as a granny that needs a proper place to retire. Chris Swanlund was an admin on LEAP that has experience working with elephants at a sanctuary in Cambodia. Please read and share her article HERE.


FEBRUARY 17 - Jane Goodall now retracts plea to have Lucy sent to sanctuary.  This is now the 3rd time in recent history that Dr. Goodall has supported zoo elephants being moved to sanctuary, and then quickly retracted her original statement and said they are fine at the zoo.  She also did this to the Toronto Zoo elephants (that were eventually moved to PAWS Sanctuary in California) and to the Seattle Zoo Elephants (who were eventually moved to another zoo) Read the Edmonton Journal articleHERE

MARCH 8 - LEAP President Mary-Ann Holm is recognized on International Women’s Day and being honoured for her role in advocating not just for Lucy but for many captive animals. Bravo Mary-Ann! Well done and well deserved #RetireLucy See her video HERE

MARCH 9 - From Our Dear Friend and Supporter Kathleen Johnson

Dear Lucy and LEAP supporters... please stay strong. Keep the faith that Lucy will be helped. Many are struggling with other pain and worries in their life right now too. Please know you are loved and cared for. Thank you for all you do. If you need to rest, please rest. To all, don’t give up. While Lucy is still with us, we won’t give up. With reason, integrity, professionalism, determination, we will keep speaking for Lucy. Thank you all.


She bought a very special cake for Sook Sai at Elephant Nature Park through our good friends at Gentle Giants Stay Home Project

From all of the admins and supporters of LEAP, Thank You!

MARCH 12 - ONE GREEN PLANET cover the story of Cher and Free The Wild coming on board to #TEAMLUCY Read their coverage HERE


MARCH 26 - A HUGE shout out to our friends in Sri Lanka (birth place of Lucy) who are held a rally at the Canadian High Commission in Colombo on March 26th. As we’ve mentioned before, LEAP works in solidarity with many advocacy groups around the world. They help us, and in turn, we help them. Please take a moment to thank our friends at Rally For Animal Rights & Environment- RARE who hosted this event specifically for Lucy!

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APRIL 1 - LEAP President Mary-Ann Holm and Anika Sleem from Free The Wild guest on Debbie Dahmer's "Animal Advocates Radio" show to talk about Cher and Free The Wild's involvement with LEAP and their fight to get talk to the Edmonton Valley Zoo to get Lucy to a sanctuary.  You can listen to the recording of that program HERE

MAY 13 - Our LEAP supporter Sandra Dames visits the zoo and takes these photos and video of Lucy.  These are the first photos since Covid Lockdown in March 2020.


MAY 19 - One of our dear LEAP supporters makes this very touching video on the 44th anniversary of Lucy starting her captivity at the Edmonton valley Zoo.