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On Jan 15th, 2022 LEAP advocates joined up with fellow advocates around the world to hold a candle light vigil for the 57 captive elephants (plus 29 temple elephants in Kerala, India) that died in captivity in 2021. We had videos and photos sent in from around the world of their own private vigils. Unfortunately, due to Covid, (yet again) there were fewer group vigils held this year than in the past.

Individual Vigil Photos Video

On Saturday, January 15, 2022 one of the LEAP admins and another dedicated Lucy supporter visited Edmonton Valley Zoo to check on Lucy. While it’s difficult for anyone with a heart to visit the zoo, it is essential to our advocacy to have up to date information and footage. The pathways were a sheet of ice on which the zoo had dumped a lot of sand and gravel. We can’t imagine that feels very nice on Lucy’s poor feet. Notice how tightly Lucy is controlled, not allowed to grab branches and at one point the keeper points their bullhook at Lucy. We will never stop fighting for Lucy to be assessed by a non zoo industry elephant expert, because we strongly suspect she could safely travel to sanctuary, and be free of this tortuous life.

Live Vigils Video


Photos and video provided by LEAP admin LJ Wocky