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Let's put Lucy On the agenda.


Lucy has entertained the public at the zoo for four decades. We believe she has retirement options. That's why we are asking for an open discussion at an upcoming City Council meeting.


After more than a decade of controversy, there has never once been an "open to public" hearing at City Hall. Edmonton citizen advocates for Lucy are asking City Council to put her on the agenda. Along with the Edmonton Valley Zoo, we will then present our case on her behalf. 


Our goal? 

Full public disclosure on what is considered to be in Lucy's best interest.


And the opportunity for the people of Edmonton to participate in this matter.

*For Edmonton residents and all citizens around the world.
Please sign the following message to the Mayor of Edmonton and City Councillors. 


Dear Mayor of Edmonton and City Council,


I join citizens of Edmonton in asking you to schedule a public discussion of the health and future welfare of the lone Asian elephant Lucy who resides at the Valley Zoo. I believe that it is time that all of the evidence surrounding Lucy's situation is brought to the table and heard in an open forum that only a public council meeting can provide.


At this meeting, please allow informed local citizens and other specialists, as well as representatives from the Edmonton Valley Zoo, to deliver their respective positions on outside expert consultations and Lucy’s options for the future. There is a history of a lack of transparency surrounding decisions made for Lucy, this will finally address that concern for her wellbeing felt by many people.

Lucy has earned her retirement to a sanctuary. In 2019, the zoo stated they would provide her a new retirement home here in Edmonton but to our observation, nothing has changed. No improvements and the much-needed hydrotherapy pool that even the zoo’s own consultants have recommended,

is nowhere to be found. These essential upgrades have been stalled for years.


It is time to allow a sanctuary veterinarian in to see if a move can be undertaken safely, and to allow the international experts that have been offered from Cher’s organization Free the Wild to provide their assessment. To date, only zoo/circus industry veterinarians have been invited in by the Valley Zoo. Offers by world renowned elephant experts have been declined. The most recent examinations were done by the same veterinarian used by the zoo for over a decade and a non-veterinary employee from a dubious elephant facility ranked the worst in North America in 2020.


I believe the City of Edmonton must #PutLucyOnTheAgenda in order to determine what is deemed best for her, by those with no vested interest in the outcome. If it is possible, I believe the City of Edmonton must let her go.


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