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On Jan 13th, 2024 LEAP advocates joined up with fellow advocates around the world to hold a candle light vigil for the 61 captive elephants that died in captivity in 2023. We had videos and photos sent in from around the world of their own private vigils.

On January 6th, founding member group EGLA (Elephant Guardians of Los Angeles in conjunction with 4 other groups held a vigil in front of the LA Zoo

not only remembering the elephants that passed away in 2023, but also the 2 elephants, Jewel (Jan 15, 2023) and Shaunzi (Jan 3, 2024) that passed away at the LA Zoo in less than a year's time.

Our friends in Mexico, Abriendo jaulas & abriendo mentes, also held a live vigil in Mexico City on January 13th.

Their photos are included here as well.

Large Elephant Meme 2023 .jpg

Individual Vigil Photos Video

LA Zoo Vigil

LA Zoo.jpg
LA Zoo1.jpg

Mexico City Vigil


February 1st: Our billboard moved!  We were able to secure a new location for our Lucy billboard on the very trendy Whyte Avenue. Old Strathcona is anchored by the funky, bohemian spirit of Whyte Avenue, historic buildings blend with youthful exuberance to make Old Strathcona one of Edmonton’s trendiest neighbourhoods. The city's celebrated arts and cultural community makes its home here, as does a plethora of unique local boutiques, one-of-a-kind art galleries and music shops, and trendy restaurants and cafés. It is a high vehicle area as well as a ton of foot traffic, a great location for it to be seen.  Whyte Avenue's vehicle traffic is especially busy at rush hours and on weekends, with a lot of stop and

go traffic, so seeing the billboard from your car is highly likely as opposed as to whizzing by!


This would not have been possible without the generosity of so many. To all of you who donated, we send an elephant sized thank you. We appreciated every donation that came in via paypal, etransfer and through our Gofundme page.

Special thanks to Dina Khan and Louise Lou. Without the 2 of you this would not have been possible!

We also have the option to extend it's stay here, as well as change the graphic to fit the season.  Currently, it is Lucy in the snow.


We can extend the timeline if our supporters continue to donate towards the billboard campaign.  You can e-transfer to (if within Canada) or you can also donate through Paypal at the same email address.  Please say somewhere that is a donation for the billboard.

In February 2024, LEAP President Mary-Ann was in Thailand visiting Elephant Nature Park. ENP founder, Lek Chailert asked Mary-Ann if she could talk to the ENP volunteers about Lucy. Even on vacation, Mary-Ann is dedicated to advocate for Lucy, stuck at the Edmonton Valley Zoo!

In February 2024, LEAP President Mary-Ann was also asked to present a speech about Lucy to the Stews 4 Elephant volunteers visiting Elephant Nature Park at the same time Mary-Ann was there.

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