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Here are some important documents and files regarding Lucy.  If you don't find something you're looking for, please contact us at info@leapforlucy.com

What Can I Do to Help?

While there are many online petitions for Lucy, it is important to note that in Canada, electronic petitions are not accepted by the governments in power. If you want to help, please educate yourself on Lucy's case by the documents provided here, by the information on this website and by emailing, writing or phoning the Edmonton Valley Zoo and the city councillors of Edmonton. All their contact information is provided in the "Contact Information" file below.

Lucy's Complete Story while at EVZ

Contact Information for Edmonton and Alberta Officials Involved with Lucy

Zoo Standards


Margaret Whittiker Affidavit

Take The

Lucy Pledge

Joyce Poole


Chief Justice Fraser

Dissenting Opinion

Lucy Report By Debi Zimmermann

June 2009

Julie Woodyer

Affidavit 2016

Tove Reece

Affidavit 2016

Dr. Philip K.Ensley Affidavit

William Keith

Lindsay Affidavit 2016

Dr Henry Melvyn

Richardson Affidavit

William Keith

Lindsay Affidavit 2009

Crush The BS Pamphlet

A Rebuttal to the Zoo's Brochure