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Lucy is an Asian elephant that desperately needs to be relocated to a warmer climate.

She has been at the Edmonton Valley Zoo for 46 years and turns 48 this year.  This is an ominous milestone as zoo elephants rarely survive to their mid forties. Lucy suffers from a number of zoo induced ailments which will shorten her life expectancy. She has no other elephant companions, which is considered cruel by elephant experts due to their highly complex social needs.

The harsh Edmonton climate is detrimental to her health and painful for her ongoing arthritis and foot disease. Lucy lives in a tiny concrete cell and is only allowed outdoors for short controlled walks, weather permitting which means many days she never gets out at all.

Lucy’s Edmonton Advocate’s Project (LEAP) are embarking on a campaign to educate the citizens of Edmonton as to why this elephant must be moved to a more suitable climate in the company of other Asian elephants. Our main message is that Lucy needs to be assessed by an independent team of experts to ensure her current health problems are optimized and to determine if she can be safely moved to a more suitable facility.

We are fundraising for our Save Lucy campaign. 100% of funds collected will go towards signage, printing costs, billboards, educational materials, advertising and promotional materials for the campaign.

We have several upcoming events and will be very busy hitting the streets to gain support for Lucy. Your contributions will allow us to grow our campaign and increase public awareness about Lucy’s urgent situation.

Thank you for helping us help Lucy!

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